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Everything you need for the dopest setup – all in one place. Check out our unique selection of dab rigs, dab tools, carb caps, bongs and pipes.

  • Sauce Bottle Dab Rig
    $67.99 $32.99

    This glass dab rig is a solid piece of glass to own. It features a 14mm removable downstem with a double walled 14mm male quartz bucket. It is the perfect first piece for anyone looking to get into dabbing. We also have a starter kit available, which includes the sauce bottle, carb cap, two dab tools, and a silicone ash tray that holds your dab tools. Find out more here.

  • Dab Rig Starter Kit
    $79.99 $65.99

    This is the perfect kit for anyone looking to get into dabbing. It features a glass sauce bottle dab rig that is a solid piece of glass to own. It comes with a 14mm removable downstem with a double walled 14mm male quartz bucket and matching carb cap. This kit also comes with (1) spatula dual-tip tool and (1) flat head dual-tip tool, which are perfect for tackling the toughest concentrates. The silicone ash tray comes in two colors and has holes to keep your dabbers from getting dirty.

  • Mini Mushroom 5″ Dab Rig
    $16.14 $11.30

    This mini dab ring is any mycologist's dream come true. It comes with a hose and a glass banger. This mushroom styled rig is perfect for dabs. Or switch out the banger if you prefer to use it with something else.  

  • Minimalist Bottle Dab Rig
    $45.99 $29.99

    This clear glass bottle dab rig features a single chamber with a showerhead percolator for efficient function. It comes with a 14mm male quartz banger and is the perfect addition to the minimalist's collection.

  • 7″ Jet Perc Dab Rig
    $49.99 $35.99

    This heavy-hitting dab rig features a single chamber design and a vertical 14mm female joint. The jet perc design is elegant and helps filter your smoke or vapor for super smooth hits. This piece has a thick, wide sturdy base so it doesn't tip over easily and sits safely on any flat surface.

  • Space Man Dab Rig
    $67.97 $57.97

    Features: - 14mm Male Joint - Quartz Nail + Dome - Single Showerhead Percolator - Splash Guard

  • 9″ Rick and Morty Barrel Recycler Dab Rig
    $56.09 $39.26

    This Rick and Morty inspired dab rig will make a great addition to every dabbers collection. It has a simple, barrel/bottle shaped design. It features a male 14mm joint and comes complete with a quartz banger with female joint.

  • 5″ Piranha Dab Rig
    $74.76 $59.97

    She comes from South America and she's dangerous as hell. She will make sure that after touching her you won't get back to normal soon. Get ready for a long and unforgettable trip...

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